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Abu Dhabi. Dubai. Erbil. Islamabad.
UAE Phone: +971 4 4326707
UAE Fax: +971 4 432 6738
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Sprint Oil and Gas Services always starves to promote its employees motivation and dedication to customer service, to demonstrate management and employees commitment to provide our clients with superior Service Quality and to produce customer focused solutions as a cornerstone for our future growth.

Sprint Oil & Gas Services FZC is operates in several  African, Middle East and Asian Countries where we provide well services and surface testing services and solutions to our clients.

Today we employ more then 200 employee from 8 different nationalities. Our starve for excellence has been the main drive to our fast growth in the last few years of operations overseas.

Sprint Oil & Gas Services shall maintain its focus in the Well Services domain and shall be dedicated to a healthy and continuous growth in the upcoming years. 

Sprint is committed to provide effective Solutions to meet clients requirement and ensure quality on site Job execution to maximize client returns in the domain of :

  • Coiled Tubing Services
  • Nitrogen Services
  • Primary and Remedial Cementing Services
  • Stimulation Services
  • Surface Testing
  • Filtration

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